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Not everyone is funny in the same way. Over the past few years, we’ve run a series of studies to tease apart individual differences in both what people tend to joke about, and how people most naturally deliver their humor: content and delivery. Those studies have yielded four primary humor styles: the Stand-up, the Sweetheart, the Magnet, and the Sniper.

When it comes to the content of someone’s humor, we’ve found that it ranges from affiliative (wholesome, uplifting humor) to aggressive (humor that’s no-holds-barred and a few shades darker). Meanwhile, someone’s humor delivery can range from expressive (spirited, spontaneous, spotlight-seeking) to subtle (understated, premeditated, and full of nuance).

This Humor Typology Quiz is meant to help you identify and understand your natural humor style, to allow you to wield it with precision and presence. It takes most people about 3-4 minutes to complete and all answers are confidential. To learn more about the different humor styles and using humor as your secret superpower in work and life, check out our book, Humor, Seriously.


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